Huwebes, Marso 27, 2014

girls in vans and sperry


Belgium- red pants and sperry canvas

Florida, USA- maroon shorts and leopard sperry canvas bahama

Las Vegas, USA- baggy pants and sperry canvas

England, UK- Shorts and vans

USA- green shorts and sperry bahama

New York, USA- pants and sperry bahama

Manila, Philippines- dress and sperry canvas

Los Angeles, USA- jeans and sperry bahama two-eye

Manila, Philippines- sky blue shorts and sperry canvas

San Francisco, USA- yellow high-waisted shorts and leopard sperry canvas bahama


Austria- printed jeans and vans

Belgium- floral pants

Netherlands- Shorts and vans

Bucharest, Romania- shorts and vans

Netherlands- jeans and vans

France- jeans and vans

Paris, France- jeans, socks and vans

Finland- pants and vans

Germany- jeans, socks and vans

Portugal- floral jeans and keds

Netherlands- jeans and vans

Cape Town, South Africa- jeans and vans

Morocco- jeans and vans


New York, USA- jeans and zapato del barco

Santa Catarina, Brazil- skirt and vans

Brazil- printed tights and zapato del barco
Montreal, Canada- floral shorts and vans

North Carolina, USA- plaid shorts and vans

Brazil- red shorts and vans

Brazil- dress and keds

Mexico- tights and vans

China- jeans and vans

Hong Kong- checkered and vans

Cebu, Philippines- jeans, socks and vans

Cebu, Philippines- shorts and keds

Thailand- shirt, socks and vans

Philippines- shorts and vans

Philippines- skater dress and vans

Dubai, UAE- floral shorts and vans



United Kingdom- skirt and vans

United Kingdom- dress and zapato del barco

London, U.K.- short shorts and vans

Manchester, U.K.- floral short shorts and vans


 Japan- floral shorts and vans

Japan- dress, socks and vans

Spain- pink shorts and vans

Spain- maroon shorts and vans

Madrid, Spain- baggy pants and vans

Spain- printed jeans and vans

Spain- orange jeans and vans

Spain- tights and navy zapato del barco

Spain-printed jeans and vans

Valencia, Spain- yellow jeans and vans

Vigo, Spain- sky blue jeans and vans

Aukland, New Zealand- floral shorts and vans

Sydney, Australia- tank dress and vans

Australia- maroon jeans and vans

Australia- skater skirt and vans

Australia- blue shorts, socks and vans; yellow shorts, socks and vans

Australia- red shorts and vans; floral shorts and vans

Australia- pink shorts and vans

Australia- floral shorts, socks and vans

Australia- maroon shorts, socks and vans